The future of industrial design is made through constant iteration.

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Clients + Process

  • procreate logo


    The paper & the pen. The easiest way to convey ideas.

  • Rhino3D

    Virtual hands to sculpt my thoughts.

  • Keyshot logo


    A way to replicate the real world.

  • apple freeform logo


    Endless white space for my never ending thoughts.

  • apple keynote logo


    Pages to organize & create interactions.

  • adobe creative cloud logo


    A suite to create & refine elements.

  • framer logo


    A designers way of communicating to the world.

  • Apple

    The ecosystem that powers my design.

I am committed to creating products and environments that are accessible to everyone. I believe that accessibility is important because it allows a wider range of people to use and interact with the world around them. Reducing barriers and increasing inclusivity.

Pressing forward.

Black hand typing on grooveboard
White hand circling information in a book.

Grasping ideas.

Black hand typing on grooveboard

Clinching innovation.




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dim image of me prototyping on a laethe

From Love

I am always driven by my love for design and my desire to create something truly special. Good design has the power to solve problems and make the world a better place, and I am constantly seeking out new challenges and opportunities to use my skills and creativity to make a difference.

Award Winning

Throughout my studies and career as an industrial designer, I have been fortunate to receive several awards for my designs. These include the Robert Bruce Thomas Lighting Design Award for my project Overcast and the 2022 Keyshot Design Daze Award for excellence in Product Visualization.

Learning Always

As an industrial designer who studied at the prestigious Purdue University, I have developed a strong foundation in design thinking and problem-solving, as well as a proficiency in design software and prototyping techniques. I am confident in my ability to create innovative and functional products that meet the needs of both users and clients.

gif of myself (black male), my significant other (black female) and my son.
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